NEAT Fit Coaching Program


The NEAT Fit Coaching Program (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is now available and has been specifically written for health and fitness professionals who are looking for ways to access the 80% of the population who do not attend fitness centres or formal fitness programs, have never been successful at weight loss and generally find it very difficult to get motivated to undertake any fitness activities.

It provides the health and fitness professional with the skills to analyse a client’s daily physical activity patterns, create movement experiences that can be integrated into the client’s home, workplace, transport and leisure daily components and using Moving Minutes tables can prescribe doses of movement that assist in the monitoring and measuring of a client’s progress.

The online course contains 10 modules:

Module 1: You Can’t Out Train a Sedentary Lifestyle

Module 2: Science of Sedentarism

Module 3: Physiology of NEAT: METs, Movement and Oxygen Costs

Module 4: Body Weight, Sedentary Behaviour and Energy Expenditure

Module 5: Space Travel, Bed Rest, Inactivity and Sedentary Lifestyles

Module 6: Motivating Sedentary Populations

Module 7: Live Long, Live Healthy

Module 8: NEAT Fit Conversion Program

Module 9: NEAT Fit Activate Program

Module 10: NEAT Fit MET Minutes Program

For a detailed outline of the course modules, please visit:

Course Includes:

  • Modules – 10 self study online modules consisting of 24 individual units
  • Presentations – 24 powerpoint presentations within 10 modules
  • Downloadable files – over 300 pages of downloadable content
  • Assessment – 50 multiple choice questions
  • Summary –  Take Home Notes for each module

Online Final Exam

  • Participants have 365 days to complete the final exam
  • Three attempts at the final exam within 365 days
  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • Passing score of 70%